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"men want to be him women want to be with him" is basically like a highbrow version of "no homo" like why can’t straight men just admit that at least a little bit of them wants to fuck daniel craig

in 2014 can we end complicatedly-plotted movies starring only white guys who all look the same

i hope alicia silverstone turned out feeling okay as an adult w her sexuality after basically being like a sex symbol at 16? like i think about that a lot tbh


There are opinions and there are facts (my opinions)

"tshirts u change into to take a nap after work but actually look cute as an outfit" looks

When I was in college, David Foster Wallace gave a reading. As a joke I asked him to fill out a dining hall comment card. I also asked what, if anything, he thought of skateboarding, thinking that this distinguished author might have something profound to say. “The little fuckers run into me in front of the library,” he said.


Everyone assumes I’m crazy because I’m not running around chewing bubblegum and singing Debbie Gibson songs.

Elisabeth Moss photograhed by Matthew Welch

no homo but honestly i am so funny



Erin Donovan, IsItReallySoStrange? August 10, 2006.

Is it Really So Strange? examines the enormous popularity of the 80s Manchester pop band the Smiths (and its massively charismatic and mysterious lead singer, Morrissey) with young Hispanic and Latino kids in East Los Angeles. It sounds incredibly niche but director William Jones transcends the “hey, look at my t-shirt collection” consumerist bent that stains fandom to show how these kids have used the lyrics and persona of Morrissey to carve out an identity for themselves in a place that nearly condemns all of their religious, cultural, sexual and personal expressions.
One of the most fascinating sections of the film starts when the subjects begin to account their fan-geekery exchanges such as fainting at a brief touch of Morrissey’s hand at a concert, stalking him at his home, tattooing his autograph on their bodies and tough guys (“greasers”) breaking down into tears at tribute band Sweet & Tender Hooligans’ concerts. But when pressed almost every fan interviewed in the film insists they would probably not enjoy spending any length of time with the man outside of his performances, citing his narcissism, cynicism and possible racism as factors that would shatter the image they hold of him and that, ultimately, it’s the music, not the personalities, that saves lives.
The film was recorded with a one-chip camera and with many of the interviews recorded only using the local mic, but Is It Really So Strange? remains a great story, told in perhaps the only way it could: low-fi.

In case y’all were not aware, Mexicans Love their Morrissey.

Anonymous said: Lmao what did you say about fight club? I love it already



if you’re gonna spend an evening writing a long ass off-topic bulleted list citing and quoting the author of a book bc someone pointed out some fucked up shit about it in passing you might need to chill maybe

this persons really out here quoting “there seems to be a very small segment of literature oriented to men, very few books talk about the male experience, or explore what it is to be a guy” lmao

OMG i didn’t even see that but i’m crying i can’t believe that’s a real thing someone said

Anna Karina / Pierrot Le Fou (1965) dir.Jean-Luc Godard