emma: leo sun, gemini rising, leo moon

i hate when books dont say the info about what font its printed in anywhere like in the back or whatever like i always wanna know

Track: Intro
Artist: Ariana Grande
Album: My Everything (Deluxe)


Ariana Grande - Intro



Murio la flor


Marlon Brando in the February 1956 edition of the film magazine Modern Screen.

telling people you want to be a writer is so fucking embarrassing. im embarrassed just making this post

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me: *has an epiphany about my life* *forgets about it 20 minutes after it happens*


fiona apple is the realest bitch on this earth and that’s facts

what is it with the french and making movies about sad prostitutes

Jenny Slate by Rachel Antonoff

i can be alone and perfectly happy and by choice but the second i see or hear somebody else having fun without me im like instantly depressed and feel bad!! like why!!! thats so crazy!!!!

wheres the best place to take out a personal ad looking for someone/something to fill the vast gaping hole inside of me. Nothing sexual

me: *goes to library orientation at college to ask if they have color printing so i can print out pictures of river phoenix*